[Solved] How do I hide an unanswered question in a Summary Report


My company sends out a customer satisfaction survey that we use to collect data throughout the year.  I want my summary report to include all the questions from the survey, but, not all of the customers have used all of our services, so they may not need to answer all the questions.  Is there a way to have the report hide questions that have not been answered?  So, that as I run it, if nobody answered question 4, it would just not print out?  Under the Options tab, I selected Answers – “Hide options with no data”, but I’m not sure what that did, the unanswered questions are still there.  Also, I don’t want to just delete that question because the next survey taker may have answered that question and I’ll want that data.


Thank you!

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Sheila Bloom asked

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    Hi There!

    We do have an option within summary reports to hide questions with no data.

    You’ll find this within the “Customize Report” Panel, under the Options tab. You should see a section called Questions, and a checkbox labeled “Hide elements with no data”

    A bit further down on the same page, you should see an option to hide individual answer options with no data.

    I hope this helps!

    Taylor Morgan
    Survey Mermaid – Manager of Customer Service


    Taylor Morgan answered

      You should just be able to go to your report or export and hit Customize Report and then click the little X by the elements you don’t want to show. Here’s an article that might help:



      Susie VanHorn259116 answered
        • Susie,

          Thanks for answering. If I do that, it completely deletes that question from the report permanently. Then, if someone answers that question in the future, it won’t display on the report?

          We use this survey throughout the year, and we have it set up so that survey respondents will only see the questions that apply to them, so that part works great. So, when I run the report, I’d love to see just the questions answered and each month, there may be different questions that applied to the respondents each month, so I don’t want to delete anything from the report permanently. Do you think that is possible?



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