How do I have more than 100% responses?


Hi Team, 


I downloaded 3 reports. In each report there is a question where my results add up to 100.1 % Have you seen this before? How is this possible? Please see question 2 on the attachement. 


Please let me know.


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US Survey User asked

    In my case it’s 106% – that’s not a rounding problem ;-). It’s that you apparently can’t count survey responses. In my case, you think there are one fewer than there seem to be. I suspect you’re right about Brad’s problem. But mine is more serious…

    AlanR answered

      I can’t see your attachment but often this is due to rounding issues.

      For example: 75.25 + 24.75 = 100

      But if those numbers are rounded before adding:

      75.3 + 24.8 = 100.1 

      Brad Patton answered


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