[Solved] How do I give surveyers the ability to have responces sent to there email in PDF format?


I’ve built my survey, but I really am just waiting on the functionality to send PDF’s of results to the ¬†emails of the surveyor. I’m super confused and frustrated at this point. Please don’t send me articles. That hasn’t workied for me up until this point

antoniochevalier2 asked

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    Hi antoniochevalier2,

    I am not certain what articles you have read through but my best way of answering this would be to add an “Action” to “Send Email” at the end of the survey. Setup the email properties so it knows where to send to and what information to display. While you are in the setting properties for the Send Email Action there is an advanced tab that you can select to Attach a PDF Review.


    Then each time the survey is completed it will fire that Email Action that will attach a PDF to it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about it.

    Jacob Hayslett answered


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