[Solved] How do I get rid of comment boxes within questions?


I’m going into “Edit,”  and I don’t see how to delete free-standing Comment boxes that aren’t part of the response choices.

By the way, WHYYYYY did you get rid of your help phone line. It’s extremely annoying.


-Kevin Brady

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    Hi Kevin!

    In regards to the comment box for your question, the comment box options is located under the “Layout” tab when you edit your question. All you need to do is uncheck “Allow comments for this question”. If this doesn’t appear to be an option there, please let me know:)

    I’m really sorry you’re not thrilled with our decision to end phone support. This was not a decision we made lightly. Our instincts are always to go above and beyond for every customer; something we’re still striving to do!

    In order to keep our plan prices as low as possible, so that we can help as many people as possible make awesome surveys, we’re trying our hardest to keep costs low. Our aim is to keep a small team of truly excellent and knowledgeable support staff rather than staffing out or having a bunch of less dedicated people helping our customers. We’ve also been working hard on making sure almost every question is answered in our documentation so we can truly live up to our self service name! If you haven’t checked out our documentation recently, please do! It’s improved exponentially since I started and it’s truly outstanding! You can access it here http://help.surveygizmo.com/ or if you search within the app using “get Help” it will actually give you dynamic suggestions! The more customers use it, the smarter it will get.

    Chat allows us to scale more efficiently and help more customers in a timely manner. Unfortunately as we’ve been adding chat we’ve realized that maintaining three methods of contact (Chat, phones and email) was just not working so we had to make the hard choice as to what to give up.  It hurt us to feel like our level of support might be slipping so we chose to keep the methods that allowed us to help the most customers as quickly as possible while still remaining scalable and efficient. Our customer base keeps growing so quickly that there’s just no way to keep answering the phones in a timely manner without hiring more and more heroes. We want to continue to give superlative support and honestly feel this is the best way for us to do so without substantially raising the costs of plans.

    All that being said, we’re not throwing all our phones in a dumpster and burning them or anything. While we are discontinuing all but emergency phone support in June, we know that there will always be questions that are just easier to sort out with a call. Thus all of our heroes will always be empowered to reach out and call whenever they feel it would help!

    Hopefully this gives a little insight into the current situation. I promise our number one priority is to give the best support possible, and that won’t change. I hope you’re willing to give us a chance in this new form! Please let me know if I can clarify anything or if you have further feedback!



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      Thank you, Seanalee!

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