[Solved] How do I get results to display at end of survey?


When a user finishes the survey, I’d like them to be able to see how everyone else has responded (in aggregate, not individually).   How can i enable this reporting to show up?  thank you

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    You can add an ACTION > RESULTS CHART to the THANK YOU page.  Review the SurveyGizmo documentation for details:



    If you want to show the results of the entire survey, you will have to create a chart for each question.  And only two types of charts are available – pie and bar.

    As an alternative, you could have a single RESULT CHART plus a link to a REPORT (click to view complete report).

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      Is it possible to display a report at the end of the survey with 1 pie chart containing answers (aggregate) for the particular respondent? I want to create a survey with 15 questions that are mapped to 1 of 3 reporting values (A, B, C). The chart should show the percentage of responses corresponding to each value.

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