[Solved] how do i get question options to show/print on pdf?


I have a health survey and ask users their weight which they have the option to fill out in lbs, stone, or kg. I have a radio button with write in for each. When I test it out and click on review answers, I can see it says 100 lbs, however, when it emails me the PDF, the “lbs” is left off leaving one to not know if it’s l00 lbs or kg or stone. Well, couldn’t be stone! Anyway, how do I get this to show?

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    Hi Kimber!

    Merge codes inserted by our Merge Code helper use `question(“value”)`. For example:

    [question(“value”), id=”5″]

    When an “Other” option is selected, the merge code will insert whatever was typed in the “Other” box.

    If you would like to see both the option title and what was written in the Other box, you’ll want to use `question(“title”)`. This simply involves replacing the word “value” with “title”, like so:

    [question(“title”), id=”5″]

    Sidenote: collecting health information

    If you are collecting health information along with any information that would allow you to identify the individual (such as the respondent’s email address), it is extremely important to abide by laws set forth in HIPAA. The penalties for violating HIPAA are harsh; up to $50,000 per violation (e.g., per response to your survey), with an annual maximum of $1.5 million.

    You may read more about these requirements and how you can satisfy them while using SurveyGizmo here:


    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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