[Solved] how do i exclude the answer to one question from the list of answers on the next question




I have a question where i am asking people what brands they know of a particular product.  The first question is the first brand that comes to mind (un-aided).  There is a list of brands that, once they mention top of mind, the interviewer can select the brand they mentioned.  Here is where i need help.  The next question is what other brands do you know.  I want the list of brands that can be marked to exclude the brand they already metioned.  How do I do this?

shubin asked

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    SurveyGizmo calls this ‘negative piping’ – this video should help explain how to do it:


    Dominic Sharpe commented

      Please tell me how do you do it? I have the same question

      Alexandra answered

        I figured it out!!

        shubin answered


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