How do I embed a survey on a website, and maintain the mobile style



I’m distributing my survey by embedding it in my squarespace-built website.  The squarespace site is mobile responsive.  The survey I designed has a mobile style.  However, when I embed the code (for the survey) in my squarespace site, I can’t retain the mobile responsiveness (i.e. I’m stuck with the desktop-only view). 

Your assistance will be much appreciated!

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adammacleanpei asked

    This is a complex topic with a lot of options (there is no short answer).  I would recommend that you review the SurveyGizmo documentation –

    This article has a section on styling the embed, but this depends on the embed method that you used.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Thanks Jim,
      Is the survey’s responsiveness to different screen types (as designed in the “Style” Tab) affected by the option “Do Not Include Theme Styles”?   Do I have to Include Theme Styles in order to have a responsive web survey when embedded?

      adammacleanpei answered

        Wait, do I have to use iFrame to and embed the URL to ensure that the survey is responsive?  Would that be easier than the HTML?


        adammacleanpei answered


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