How do I edit a Likert Scale question from a copied survey?


Hi, I’m creating a copy of an existing survey and want to change the ‘likert scale’ questions. I can edit the ‘how strongly do you rate’ part, but not the specific item I’d like them to rate on. 

Can you help?


Marije Miller asked

    Hey Marije –

    It sounds like you’re just wanting to change the question text (as opposed to the answer options). This can be easily done by simply editing the question itself and manipulating the question text.

    I Hope that’s helpful.

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered

      Hi Justin,

      thanks for answering my question. I can edit the question itself and the multiple choice options, but I don’t know where I can find the specific text (the real issue that they’re rating on) on the left side, so I can edit that. I set it up, initially, so it must have been there, but when I click on edit, I don’t see an option to change that text. Does that make sense? I’d love your input.



      Marije Miller answered


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