How do I download an offline survey to my IPAD


I have followed the instructions to download and run a tested survey link to my IPAD and have saved the bookmark to the home screen. However, whenever I turn wifi off, and click on the link it comes up with the message: Safari cannot open the page “……” because your iPad is not connected to the internet.

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    I am having the same issue and there is definitely a problem with the instructions. I am not very technical but will try and find out how to do what Marylynne suggests. However it may be beyond my technical capabilities – is there another easier fix?


    Sarah Jenkins226034 answered

      The resolution to this issue for me, was to change the path to images in the survey. 

      https://surveygizmolibrary/s3…… When loading those images, the paths were trying access the images online and causing the ‘Safari cannot open page because I’m not connected to the internet’ notice.

      Removing the ‘https:’ from the path to the image in the source code, fixed the problem. When opening the survey, it now looks for the images on the hard drive instead of online.

      Thanks to tech support!


      marylynne answered


        Dominic, your response is not particularly helpful.

        The instructions at fail after you have bookmarked (added to your home screen) with 

        “Taking Your Surveys Offline

        Now that you’ve downloaded your survey to your device and bookmarked it, go ahead and turn off your internet connection.”

        When you go ahead and turn off your internet connection you get the “Safari cannot open the page…” message.

        However, if you click on your bookmark and open the survey BEFORE you turn off the internet, leave the browser open, then turn off the internet, you can access and collect responses to upload later.

        However, if you close your browser and try to access the survey again from your bookmark, it will not connect. 

        There is definitely an issue with the instructions and the offline mode when using an iPad with Safari.

        marylynne answered

          Have you followed the steps here:

          There are very specific steps that need to be followed for offline surveys (downloading the link for offline use, etc.). The message that you are describing is the type of message I would expect to see when trying to access an online link without internet connection.

          An offline link created/downloaded per the above instructions should launch the survey without showing that Safari message.

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