[Solved] How do I delete a multiple choice option within an already developed Survey that has trial responses?


I am cleaning up a survey I developed and see how to Edit the question or add an option but I cannot find out how to delete a multiple choice option.  Any help is appreciated!


Carole McLemore asked

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    DBoone 119 Rep.

    Click your survey > go to Build tab > click to “edit” the question you want to change. The question dialogue box will open. To the right of your answer option you’ll see greyed out tools (pencil, X, etc.) Click the “X” to delete your answer option.

    If you already have data collected for that answer option, the answer option with count and percentage will still show in reports. That will most likely screw up your percentages since any new respondents will no longer see that answer option.

    If you delete all your test responses and generate new reports the answer option you deleted should be gone (and so will your collected test data).  

    Be careful.  You can always test it by copying the hole survey and messing with the copy first. Good luck.

    DBoone answered


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