[Solved] How do i customize the text for questions and instructions in my survey when the customizing interface does not appear?


I am trying to customize the size and font of my text box question and instructions under the layout tab but the standard options to bold, italicize, etc are not there. Why did this disappear? Or how do I add it to all questions?

Jamie Klinger378244 asked

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    Holly 2.17K Rep.

    Hey Jamie!

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    It sounds like this could be browser or plugin related. Do you have a different browser you could try? Could you disable your plugins and try?

    Hope that helps! 🙂

    Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer

    Holly answered

      Also check the Account Settings/preference for the HTML Editor is checked

      Mary Mawhirter answered

        Jamie, did you click in the text box area that you are trying to edit.  That will bring up the simple icons (bold, underline, etc) and then if you click on the … it will bring up the full set of options including going to html.

        Jon Erickson answered


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