How do I create a semantic differential scale with bipolar anchors?


Dear Tech Support,

How do I create a semantic differential scale that will measure the perception of my client’s business using bipolar pairs words?  In other words, I want survey participants to place a (x) in the blank that best indicates how accurately one or the other adjective describes what the client’s business means to them.


For example:

Acme Manufacturing is…

Resourceful     :_____:_____:_____:_____:_____:     Incapable

Affordable     :_____:_____:_____:_____:_____:     Expensive


Please advise.



Ross Livingston asked

    Would a Slider Question format work?

    When you click Layout, you can set the Left Label and Right Label.  Set the allowable values from 1-5 and have it start off at 3.


    davidmteam answered


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