[Solved] How do I create a pipe only if the respondent checked more than 1 answer in the question being piped?


I’m asking a question where I ask what type of work they do – they can check all that apply. Then IF THEY CHECKED MORE THAN ONE type of work, I want to pipe in their responses and ask – ‘which one of these do you spend the most time working?’


How do I create this logic???

Brenda Bryan asked

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    Hi Brenda! So I found this great tutorial that walks you through using JavaScript, merge codes and piping to accomplish this. http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/setup-logic-based-on-piped-options

    I have not used this yet myself, but thought since I was doing some digging on my own that this might help you.


    Good luck!


    Anita Kaufen answered


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