[Solved] How do i create a pie chart for Questions 7-11 in my survey?


I have 5 multiple choice (radio button) questions in my survey, all of which have the five same options for the participant to select.

What I need to do is for all the questions to join up and have a graph/pie chart to show which options they selected.

At the moment, each question is separate and the only pie chart I have is for what the all the participants who have completed the survey have each answered for each question individually.

The point of the survey is to see what each individual has answered the most of to find out which option they suit best based on their selections on all the questions, not what the all the participants have answered as a whole.

It would be helpful to call someone to explain what I mean.

Can you help on this?


kclark commented
    • Survey Gizmo – you should change this. It sucks that I can’t have 20 different questions with the same answer options and look at the data from more of a view on the whole of how people answered the set of questions.

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    There is not a means for combining the data from multiple questions within Reports – each question is reported on individually as its own pie chart in a Summary Report.

    You may need to export the data to excel to manually combine it there:


    While SG does not provide phone support you can reach them via live chat:


    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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