[Solved] How do I continualy redirect respondents to an external site until they complete their task on that site?


I am using sguid to make sure respondents pick up where they left off when they “X” out of the survey.  After Question 4 in the survey, respondents are redirected to an external site at which point they are redirected BACK to the survey gizmo survey to continue with Question 5 until the end.  I can have the external site set up to send a new variable, status=1, to indicate they have completed their task.  

How do I set up my survey so that if a respondent gets redirected to the external site after Question 4, but does NOT complete their task on the external site, and then clicks their Survey Gizmo link, they will get redirected immediately to the external site and not be able to continue with Question 5 (until they get redirected back from the external site)?


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    Hey David, I think you’d have to script this. You’d need to do something like set a flag when they’re redirected out of the survey, then another flag when they’re directed back in. Each time they access the link, you’d have to run a check (most likely with Javascript on each page with a redirect) to make sure that both the “out” flag and the “in” flag are set. If they haven’t both been set (they haven’t been redirected out and back in), then fire a redirect.

    Does that make sense? It’s kind of a rough summary of what the script would be like, but it should help you get started in the right direction. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help! You may want to consider crossposting this in the Dev Corner, too – someone might have some ideas 🙂

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