[Solved] How do I collect statistics on linking responses from one question to the following questions?


My survey is more of a data collection tool.  Someone will be viewing reports and using this survey to collect information on whether or not the reports were done correctly. Each report will get one submission on this site.

Specifically, in my second question, I have a list of names for people filling out a report. The third question asks whether or not this person filled out the report correctly.  The fourth, what the possible errors on the report are.

How do I pull the data so that I can see, for example, that John wrote 25 reports, 80% of them were correct, and he made each of these errors four times?

ddaugherty asked

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    Sounds like a raw data export is your best bet.  It would be a spreadsheet file that has one row for each survey responses and each survey question would has its own column.

    So for example, row 1 might show that John wrote the report, it was filled out correctly, there were no errors.  Then row 2 might show that John wrote the next report, it was not filled out correctly, he made 2 errors on it.  And on and on.  Then you can use Excel to filter that data and figure percentages and anything else you’d need.

    Here’s sg’s tutorial on the raw data exports: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/excel-export.  Hope that helps.

    Chad Wilco answered


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