How do I change the Save and continue later email input box’s color in CSS using an outdated theme?


I’m attempting to use this 

.sg-input-text {
color: black;

to simply change the font color of the input box, but that isn’t working. If that’s not possible, I’d like to just make it transparent via CSS and use the current light gray font against a black background.


Any help would be appreciated!



amy_aha answered

    I am having the same problem.  The code that Kathi (Channing?) was using was shown in the video shown on the page that Dominic links to. But the CSS options listed in the article at that link do not include the email input text. And the code referenced in the video for these input fields does not work. 

    .sg-input-text { 



    Has this been solved? 


    amy_aha answered

      It looks like SurveyGizmo has some documented CSS options for styling the save and continue bar:

      Might one of these help you get what you are looking for or point you in the right direction?

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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