[Solved] How do I change the default data export file type to xls rather than csv?


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Aaron Sultan233053 answered

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    Hi Anita, thanks for your help, but that’s not the question I’m asking. Let me be more clear:

    • I’ve set up data exports to be emailed to myself, since it’s tedious to have to go into each survey (I have 100+) and click around to download reports (really should be a report template and download all option).
    • I’m not sure exactly what is going to be sent to me, but when I click on the link within the data export report, it downloads as a csv, but I need the files to be xls – and I don’t want to have to convert myself, since this will mean opening and “saving as” 100+ files.

    Seems pretty logical that there would be an option to have files generated as xls as default?

    robert367580 answered
      • Oh I see! You are looking for something to do this in the app for you. Not just your standard manual change. It looks like this automatically downloads as CSV. There are no options to change this in settings under customize. 🙁 I guess a workaround would be to download the .XLS and then email it out like that. Sorry, I wish I had something else. I generally just send out a CSV export and only an XLS if I want the formatting in a Summary report. That report gives you the option to choose your file type.


      You can totally do this when you are saving your file.    If you go to file and SAVE, you will see a SAVE AS option.  Use that drop down menu and select xls option.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

      Oh! I found this little article that gives you some screen shots, except you just follow the process to switch it around to an xls.  https://www.completecampaigns.com/webhelp/Management/Imports/How_to_convert_an_existing_Excel_file_into_a_csv_format.htm

      I hope this helps you.

      See ya!


      Anita Kaufen answered

        Hi there,


        I stumbled upon this post because I had the same question myself. I don’t know if there has been an update since this post, but it is possible to download directly as an xls, for anyone who finds this post one day in the future.


        Set up a normal export as if you were exporting a csv file from the exports page, finish customizing your report, and once the report is done, you have 2 options. There is “download export to csv” and “start excel report.”


        Latter option does what you need. Downloads as an xls file. helpful for surveys with accents in them that come out wonky on csv files. 



        Aaron Sultan233053 answered


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