[Solved] How do I cancel my account?


I would like to stop paying for this service because I do not use it. Thank you, Megan

Maree Izatt answered

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    Hi Megan,

    Check out this help article for more information and screen shots: Downgrade or Cancel Your Account

    Downgrade Account

    If you want to move to a lower plan level, you can do so by clicking Account > Account Summary. Once there, under your subscription info you’ll see the list of plan options. You can click the Downgrade button to the right of the plan you wish to downgrade to. If you need more information about each plan, click the Compare Plans link.

    If you choose to downgrade to the Free plan, there are several things that you should know; make sure to review what happens when you downgrade before pushing the button.

    Delete/Cancel Account

    To permanently delete/cancel an account, click Account > Account Summary. Click the Delete Account link in the bottom-left corner below the plan options.

    You will then see a confirmation screen (we really want to make sure you mean to delete it) where you’ll need to type ‘delete’ and then click the Yes, Delete my Account and All Data button. This is truly the point of no return.




    Mary L (Moderator) answered

      I would like to DELETE my account as it is now no of no use to me.

      When I go the Account Summary page their is NO DELETE ACCOUNT visible underneath the list of Plan Options.  If you have the power to do this for me, please go ahead. 

      Thanks Maree

      Maree Izatt answered


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