How do I add skip logic to checkbox grid?


I have Q1 with all response options

Q2 is piping responses into rows of a checkbox grid and includes a “N/A” option

I would like to screen on “N/A” selection to specific row items 

How can I do this?

Emma unselected answer
    Emma 978 Rep.
    • Thanks, this makes sense for basic skip logic. But, it doesn’t explain for multi-select grid with piped responses.

    • Hey Garrett,
      I haven’t seen your survey but you won’t be able to use logic off of piped options. Piped options don’t have true reporting values. I’d recommend using row logic on the rows. Basically you’d just have “show this row if option a was selected in question X”. I hope that makes sense. 🙂
      Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer



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