[Solved] How do I activate disabled user?



for some reasons we can’t  get one user account to work. Initial email was not used to access account within 24 hours. 

I tried to reset password to send new invitation 4 times. No emails came through.

I thought i need to re-create the account and “deleted” it. I tried to create new account with same name and email address. I get error message “That email address is already in use, please use a different email address”. 

On disabled users tab there is no function to re-activate user. 


petterimiinalainen412253 asked

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    Hi Peter,

    You can re-activate a disabled user by going into the Disabled users tab you mentioned and clicking the little circular blue arrow icon that appears to the right of each disabled user.  Clicking that icon will reactivate that user on the account.

    If that user is still not able to access the account after you reactivate them, please have them contact us directly requesting help with this and we’ll be able to help them that way.

    Hopefully this is helpful information!

    Tim – SurveyGizmo

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