[Solved] how can I send a follow up survey to respondents of existing survey


Hi there, we got a great response on our survey and I realized I forgot to ask some important questions, such as gender and some other items.  How can I send a follow up email with a link to the follow up survey?  I only want to send the email to respondents that filled out the original survey. No one else.



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    Hey Jonathan –

    You could just build another survey that includes the questions you forgot to ask in the initial one. Then, build a campaign and send it out to the appropriate audience. However, this is under the assumption you would be able to generate a list of email addresses. So, really, the possibility of this happening is dependent upon how you distributed the survey in the first place.

    Ideally, you used an email campaign. In which case, a subsequent campaign could be built and distributed easily. If not, you would at least need email addresses for everyone you want to reach back out to (perhaps you asked for their email address in the initial survey?) to build this subsequent email campaign.

    It all depends on how distributed the survey.

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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