[Solved] How can I reset the voting options for someone?


I have been contacted by someone who wants to take the survey that it is not letting them vote. I have checked on the reports and they are correct that they haven’t voted yet. How can I reset their vote so they can actually do it?

jacktklabour asked

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    It depends on what’s preventing that person from getting in and voting.

    If it’s due to duplicate protection, it depends on what kind of duplicate protection you’re using:

    • If you’re using IP based duplicate protection, that person would need to try to access the survey from a different network.
    • If you’re using cookie based duplicate protection, that respondent can clear their browser cookies, or use a different browser, and try to access it again.

    If you’re not using duplicate protection, the problem is probably being caused by something else, and you might need to contact sg’s support team so they can take a look at your survey specifically to help figure out the problem and get you a solution: support@sgizmo.com

    Chad Wilco answered


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