[Solved] How can I report for two answers of the same variable


I’m trying to report on two answers of the same variable, but the results come back empty. 

I want to find when this particular field contains both “USA” AND “Canada” and aggregate these two results. 



If i just do “USA” or “Canada” by themselves, I get the correct information. If I try to combine the results, it just breaks down. 🙁



 – Luis

Luis160284 asked

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    Hi Luis,

    Thanks for the awesome question!

    So sorry about this logic confusion. Have you tried to add a group instead of a condition?

    Currently, the logic set up is saying they have to have a region of USA and Canada, which isn’t possible:) Here is a screenshot of what should work for your report:)



    Here is a great resource if my explanation doesn’t make sense;)


    Hope this helps!

    Survey Princess

    seanalee flaherty answered


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