How can I remove action code from response PDFs?


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Situation: I have several Google spreadsheet actions placed at different points within my survey to fire information to separate tabs in a Google spreadsheet. I’d like to be able to download complete responses as PDFs, but the PDFs contain large – sometimes pages-long – blocks of code where each action fires. Is it possible to remove the action data when generating the PDFs? None of the current customization options seem to eliminate the blocks of code.

Big Picture Goal: These are technically applications for educational programs, not survey responses. I’m trying to collect and sort each section of the response into a spreadsheet so that I can see respondents’ progress live, make notes, and share them easily with my team (the Google integration works very well for this). However, it’s also very important to have a clean, easy-to-read PDF for each completed response so that we can review and evaluate each applicant.

Ms Via317413 asked

    Hi there,

    I’ve tried this too and it looks like there is not a way to remove the action data from the PDF when downloading from the application.

    One workaround option is to use the Send Email Action to send yourself or another email address a PDF attachment of each survey’s results:

    This should not contain the action data.

    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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