How can I randomize the option order in a Dropdown Menu List, or a Dropdown Menu List in a custom table?


I know it’s not a supported feature, but I’d like to randomize the order of options listed in a Dropdown Menu List–so Options A, B, C, & D that appear in the dropdown list appear in a random order for each user, but that order is the same for row 1, row 2, row 3, etc. in the Dropdown Menu List for that user.


User 1 sees cats, dogs, frogs, fish for each dropdown in the list
User 2 sees fish, cats, frogs, dogs for each dropdown in the list

Any custom scripts or anything that people are using to do that?

Julia Brown asked

    Hi Julia!

    Thanks for reaching out to via our Community!

    Although we do not have an example of this particular solution in our documentation, this is a link to our JavaScript examples: Working examples of JavaScript for future reference.  I also wanted to share with you some outside resources that may be able to help you set something up like this within your survey. We have pretty fantastic referral program called Friends of SurveyGizmo that offer custom solutions. You can also check out these sites as well.

    I hope this information helps you find the right script. 🙂 Please be sure to reach out if you have any other questions!

    As always, we are happy to be of service.  Have a rocking’ day!


    Tawnee - SurveyGizmo answered


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