[Solved] How can I print a report with charts and images with a free account?


Currently, our need for surveys is only once a year. Last year I successfully used surveygizmo to complete a survey and exported the results to pdf and excel.

This year I was able to get the printable html version but when converting to pdf or trying to print the graphs and charts are not included.

How do I print/save/export the report with the images with a free account?

Lisa Brown322996 asked

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    I ran into this dilemma when I was on the free account.  I used to try printing the report and then use the save to PDF feature in my browser settings.


    Unfortunately, after contacting surveygizmo they said exporting reports is not a feature the free account currently supports.  I have since upgraded to the Basic plan, but am much happier with all the extras I can do.



    Charles McGroben answered


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