[Solved] How can I merge the answer of several equal questions?



My question: 

I made a survey, for organisers of holiday playgrounds in Flanders. Every organiser had at least one playground and maybe more (untill 5..). 

I build this into the survey this way:

  • On the first page, I added a question ‘how many playgrounds do you have’
  • Depending on that answer, the survey system generates one extra page for every playground, with the same questions (for example: how many kids visit the playground every day)
  • Result: every organiser with multiple playgrounds fills out a few similar pages, one for every playground

Since I want to know the same things about every playground, I would like to merge this questions (so I could calculate for example the total amount of kids on every playground)

Is this possible with the basic plan? (I could switch to pro if necessary). 

At the moment, those answers appear in the report seperately, per page, so I see the same question with different amounts. 


Thanks for the help!

Amke Bailleul367504 asked

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    Hi Amke,

    Page Piping will do exactly what you are looking for as far as survey behavior goes:


    As for “collating” this data, the Piped Data Export is created with that in mind as well:


    To the best of my knowledge, none of the built-in Reports (as opposed to Exports) have this “collation” capability. I hope this helps you!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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