[Solved] How can I make sure that my surveys are mobile responsive?


I want to make sure that if someone takes my surveys on mobile (phone or tablet), that they don’t run into any problems. Any advice is appreciated.

Kenneth Keys asked

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    If you want to know more about making your survey mobile friendly, check this out:


    Taylor Morgan answered

      If you’re using the new theme builder, I don’t think you’ll have any issues. It’s pretty mobile friendly. I’d just give it a go on your device(s).

      Molly Hooper answered

        Ok, I think I am using the New Themes. Does that mean that my surveys are automatically mobile friendly? Is there anything else I need to do??

        Kenneth Keys answered

          I found that I have the best luck making sure I am in the new theme builder. If you go into the style of your survey and see a message that reads “You are using our deprecated theme builder when you could be using our new awesome theme builder! Click here to try the new Theme Designer!” then you are in the old theme builder. It would be a good idea to try the new theme designer, it is super awesome on the mobile platform!

          Anastasia Meade answered


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