How can I load a List of Contacts with API


We have created a Survey and an Email Campaign to share the Survey.  On a weekly/daily basis, we want to take a list of new Contacts from our internal system and add them the the Email Campaign.  And then Send out the “message” email in the Campaign to these new contacts.

Is there a way to use the REST API to submit multiple contacts at the same time?


Or do we have to use an iterator function and use the Rest API to add one contact at a time?


I’m asking because of the API request throttling




developer answered

    That is what I was afraid of.  Thanks for the clarification.  I will be sure to code in throttling when iterating.


    developer answered

      The survey contact sub object that you referenced is the appropriate method for adding contacts to an email campaign (there is not an alternate bulk add method).

      Depending on your plan level, you will need to make sure that you don’t hit the referenced limit while iterating.

      Hope this helps clarify!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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