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I am setting up a rather lengthy survey – several hundred questions.

I am gathering personal info as well as location info, I do not want the user to have re-input this info.

My questions will be broken up on to pages. Each page will ask questions about a specific object. My hope is that I can create a question that is a list of radio buttons where each button would link to a page of questions. After completing the page the user would be directed back to the first list.

Can I do this in Survey Gizmo?

William Blythe asked

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    Hi William,

    I’m not sure if this feature is built in, but I have used a workaround to jump around the survey.

    Using SurveyGizmo merge codes, documentation here, and html you can build out clickable links through out your survey which can navigate through the survey.


    For example, here is what a link would look like:

    www.SurveyLinkGoesHere.com/?snc=[survey(“session id”)]&__sgtarget=2


    To break this up, you want to append ?snc=[survey(“session id”)] to the end of a survey link you can place on the page you want to redirect somewhere else in your survey.  The merge code here pulls in the session ID created when a respondent enters the survey and makes each response unique.  To jump around the survey we want to make sure and capture the session ID so the responses records as a whole.


    The other variable is &__sgtarget=,  this essentially lets you target a page id to send the link to.

    Click here to see the &__sgtarget= documentation.


    To get this to work perfectly it may require some more HTML customizations, but this would be the basic steps.


    If this isn’t very clear, let me know and I can try create a better example.


    Warm Regards,



    Lauren Dillard answered

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for the input!

      William Blythe answered


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