[Solved] How can i have more than one image in the survey header?


I need to put 2 images in header for branding, not one. guidance. colin

Colin McGregor225983 asked

    Hi Colin,

    We placed the table in the Page Description field – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/page-titles-descriptions

    Once again – this was not the most elegant of solutions but in this case it let us match the client’s PowerPoint slides.

    We are still using a survey that uses a table placed in the page description.  I am appending a screen capture for your review.

    Jim Wetherill answered

      Thanks Molly. This seems to be what I am looking for.. Colin

      Colin McGregor225983 answered

        Jim Thanks for the tip. To insert stuff in the page description are you inserting HTML code between the <div class=”sg-content”</div>? I appreciate any further notes on that. thanks colin

        Colin McGregor225983 answered

          We once used a workaround to create a branded survey that did not involve the header.

          First, we made the survey title font the same color as the background, which made the survey title invisible and pushed the survey page away from the top by a few pixels.

          We then constructed a heavily formatted HTML table in the page description.  This table was formatted with the client’s brand color palette.  We created table cells and placed the client’s project and corporate logos. We were also able to use ‘align’ attributes to place the headline so it matched the client’s specifications.

          We would have had to copy this HTML table and place in each of the survey’s page descriptions,  However, the client was happy to have it appear just on the first page and the completion page.

          We felt comfortable using this approach because this was an internal survey and we knew that all of the survey respondents would be using desktop PCs. If there was a chance that the survey would be opened on a mobile device we would have to reconsider this method.

          Jim Wetherill answered


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