[Solved] How can I get my wav file to play?


I am able to upload a .wav file to my survey and the audio player shows when I test it, but it does not play when I hit the play button. The .mp3 counterpart plays successfully, but I need to use the .wav because of superior audio quality.

victoria asked

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    Hey Victoria –

    Thanks for the question. There’s a very helpful table in this document that talks about MP3 vs. WAV files being uploaded and then interacted with through SurveyGizmo.


    You’ll notice right away that WAV files are not compatible across all browsers (while MP3s are). So, perhaps you’re using an incompatible browser? Regardless, for your respondent’s sake, it may be a good idea to use MP3.

    Anyway, I hope that helps to shine some light on the situation. Thanks!

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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