[Solved] how can i export my survey?


How can I export my survey to my desktop or to my website?


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    Hello There – There many ways a survey can be exported and many ways a survey can be shared. It really just depends on what you’re looking to do.

    You can export survey data by simply running an Excel Export. You can learn more about that here.

    You can share your survey by providing the default link (the most popular way)

    You can share your survey by building an email campaign and sending it out to a predetermined list of respondents.

    Finally, you can also use a number of embed codes we provide to share your survey directly on your website.

    I would explore that documentation to learn more. Thanks!

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered

      Could you provide more context to what and why?

      You can easily open a web page in your browser and go “File >> Save As” and it will be on your desktop, but it won’t help you if you are wanting to use it.

      If you want to use it outside of an area where internet is available than you would need to setup kiosk mode.





      Jacob Hayslett answered


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