How can I export answers in the language they were responded?



I have been working on a survey which is now in available in four languages. I see in the export which language was used to answer the survey.

I need to query the data points of for example a radio buttons questions type. The problem is that I need this answers to be in the language that was used to answer the survey and now I´m getting all of them in English (which is the default language).

Is there a way to export the fields in the language they were answered? 



Jim W (Moderator) answered

    No – you will not be able to use the export function to get responses in other languages.

    The export function does not download the answer options – it downloads the reporting values that have been assigned to those options.  The default value for the reporting value is the text of the answer option, which in your case is probably the English version.

    Perhaps another user with more experience in dealing with multi-language surveys can offer you a workaround.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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