[Solved] How can I edit the URL Variable?




Some of my surveys have come through with the incorrect URL variable because the initial recipients received the incorrect link.


Can these be altered?


Thanks in advance

Steven Di Pietro asked

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    Hey Steven, I wasn’t sure this was possible, but your question intrigued me and I was able to figure out a way to alter that variable value.  I submitted a response with a URL variable like this:


    Once the response appeared, I was able to confirm that “wrong” was captured as the value of that variable.  Then I grabbed the edit link of that response and added the corrected version of that variable to the end of the edit link, like this:


    Sure enough, once the edit went through, I checked it and the variable value now showed as “correct”.  That seems to have worked for me just testing it out, so maybe that will work for you too.

    Chad Wilco answered


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