[Solved] How can I display my questions be side by side?


I would like to put my questions next to each other but I’m not seeing an option to do that.

Noel Black asked

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    I found this documentation awhile back that I use quite a bit:



    You may need to tweak the CSS a little bit depending on your question text and answers.

    Zak Watts answered

      this is an example of the script for 50% and 25% that would need to be placed under Style/custom and then the width-50 or width-25 under the Build/Layout/CSS Class name. But if you are using a contact question you only need to remove the page break under the edit

          clear: none;
          float: left;
        width: 50%;}
          clear: none;
          float: left;
        width: 25%;}

      Mary Mawhirter answered

        That’s awesome! Thanks Zak!

        Noel Black answered


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