[Solved] How can I display items from 2 questions in one?



I’m programming a competitors survey and I have an issue to create the right display logic.

I want to evaluate our website + the 2 main competitors visited by our clients.

In question A, I ask which are the websites our members usually visit. If the respondents visit more than 3 websites, I ask them in another question (question B) to chose the 3 most visited websites.

In the following questions, I ask our members their image, satisfaction… towards the 3 websites they visit the most. So I need to display the visited websites from question A (x<=3) or if they visited more than 3 websites, the one they chose in question B.

However, I don’t know how to merge these 2 answers (A & B) in order to display the good websites in the following questions.

Thanks a lot for your help!

carolebrezillon386653 asked

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    One solution would be modify question A to ask, “Please select the 3 sites you visit most”, and apply an answer option limit of 3. This would be a checkbox question.

    Then, question B would say something like, “Are there any other sites you visit, just less frequently?”. If you wanted to “polish” the experience a bit here, question B could be after a page break, and use negative piping to only show answer options from question A that were not selected. (http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/video-repeat-answers-not-selected)

    This alters your survey flow a bit, but would greatly simplify any later survey features based on the respondent’s top 3. I hope this helps you!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered
      • Hello,

        Thanks for your message.
        I understand that combining the 2 questions in 1 could work but this is not what we want to do. In fact, we do actually want to know which are all the websites they visit and not only the top 3.
        We could add the rest of the question in another one (the websites they visit less frequently) but it does not seem very elegant to me 🙁

        Here is the structure of my survey =
        Q1 – From the following list, what are all the websites you know? (BRAND AWARENESS)
        Q2 – For each of these websites, what image do you have (IMAGE – known websites from Q1)
        Q3 – From the following list, what are the websites you have already visited? (VISIT)
        IF Q3>3 = Q4 – And among the websites you visit, what are the 3 websites you visit the most?

        Isn’t there a way to add a hidden question that would do the synthesis of the websites that have been clicked by the respondents in Q3 and/or Q4 ?
        Hidden question = websites clicked in Q3 if x3

        Thanks a lot for your help!

      • Hey Carole, I apologize for the delay in responding! As Jim has pointed out in his answer, that behavior will require some amount of Custom Scripting to accomplish. I hope you were able to find a solution that met your needs!


      Hi Carole,

      You will have to install a custom script in your survey to get this functionality.  An example of the script is available at https://script.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/piping-options-selected-from-2-questions-into-one. The basic setup is that you ask your two questions.  Then the first item on the next page is an ACTION > CUSTOM SCRIPT. The custom script will pipe the resposes from the previous questions into the question that you select within the script.


      Jim Wetherill answered


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