[Solved] How can I copy and paste a section of the survey so that I can use it as a repeated section for respondents representing more than one organization?


In the survey I am building I need to allow one section to be repeated for those people representing at more than one organization. At the end of the original section there is an option “Would you like to provide this information for another organization”. Those that say no move forward in the survey. Those that say yes should be taken through the same set of questions in that section. Instead of putting all the questions in again separately I would like to be able to copy the section and paste it. Is this possible?

Jade Reeve128135 asked

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    Sometimes when I need to duplicate a group of questions I find it easy to duplicate a whole page and deleted the questions I don’t need. This is much easier than selecting each question, then duplicate, then move it to a new page. 

    Are you planning on building this to make it able to do this multiple times or just one? If multiple times you might want to look into piping pages along with if statements. If you only want to duplicate it once or twice duplicating the page might be the easiest option.

    Jacob Hayslett answered

      Also, don’t forget the Question Library!

      Check out the details here:


      Taylor Morgan answered

        You can use the copy icon and then move the questions to where ever you want or if you are re-directing to another survey you might want to save those questions into the question library. Then you can pull those question in from there.

        Mary Mawhirter answered


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