[Solved] How can i combine the NPS scores across muliple languages of THE SAME SURVEY


I need to calculate total NPS for our survey – but the survey is translated into 4 additional languages (4 survey’s). Is there a way to combine the results?

sarah.sanford@irdeto.com asked

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    Hi Sarah, thanks for posting on the Community! It sounds like you have created a separate project for each language you’re working with; using the data from multiple projects in one report is not currently possible in SurveyGizmo, even if the questions are the same. There is however a way to work around this.

    How to merge data from multiple surveys to create a combined report

    For this to work, each of your separate surveys needs to be very similar in structure. The question titles and answer option titles may be different, as long as the question types and reporting values are identical. The process would involve creating a “master” survey, with the same structure as the surveys you wish to join, and then using the Data Import feature to import the data from each of your other surveys. Once all of your data has been imported in to the master survey, a report can be run.


    Creating a translated survey where the data stays together

    The recommended way to create a translated survey is to use the built-in Text and Translations feature. This allows you to translate the fields in your survey to other languages, but because it’s only “one project”, the data all goes to the same place, and is then available for overall reporting as you are looking for here.


    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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