[Solved] How can I assure I’m not over surveying when I use weekly email lists?


I send weekly email surveys to our internal users of our service.  I do a visual to see if I see repeat users and remove them from that week’s survey.  Since I use weekly emails lists where I select 25 users to receive the survey (randomly selected in Excel prior to uploading to surveygizmo), how can I use the feature of randomly selecting users who have not received the survey in X days/months?

Could I create an email list of all of our users to surveygizmo who used our services over the past weeks and utilize the option to find users who haven’t been surveyed in previous weeks?

I think I’m rambling.  Does this make sense?


Susan Budni asked

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    Hey There Susan – Thanks for the inquiry! I think I’m following your train of thought here.

    In this scenario, I think your best bet would be to use the Send Status report offered within each email campaign. You can learn about that here…



    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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