[Solved] How can i added multiple translations to a survey automatically?


Hi everyone,


I created 8 new surveys, for each i have 39 translation files.

Is there a possibility to bulk add those without doing it 8×39 times manually?


Thanks for your help.


Sunny Regards from Munich


Rolf Aggensteiner asked

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    Hi Rolf,


    Unfortunately, we do not have a way to bulk translate all eight surveys at one time. We do have a pretty fast way to import the translations to each survey, however. Take a look here to learn about importing your translations rather than doing them manually.

    I hope this helps!


    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered


      🙁 that still leaves me with 39 excel sheets to be uploaded for each of the surveys, or am i missing something?


      Sunny Regards


      Rolf Aggensteiner answered
        • Hi Rolf,

          You’re not missing anything. There just isn’t a way to consolidate the uploads of translations files. Each translations file is completely separate, so each one needs to be handled completely separately. I really wish we had a better suggestion for you in this case.

          Tim – SurveyGizmo



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