[Solved] Hiding URL data passed through the URL


While passing data through the URL to collect info about the survey taker’s name, the survey taker (Joe Donuts) is able to see his information within the URL at a glance, like so…




When I set up my hidden values, I use codes for “firstname” ([url(“fn”)]) and “lastname” ([url(“ln”)]) so the survey taker can’t see exactly what I’m collecting, as follows…




Now that the hidden values have less obvious names, is there a way the actual name fields that are pulled in can be coded or hidden to not show in the URL, but would collect correctly for our SG reporting?  Something like this, (reversed names as a coding example)…




And my data would show fn=joe and ln=donuts on my end?


This would greatly help.  Thanks for your insight!

Rose Eastman308478 asked

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    Hi Rose, 

    I am not sure if this is possible inside SurveyGizmo.  I was trying to find the PHP function which reserves strings, “strrev ()”, in SurveyGizmo’s PHP function library (link) and couldn’t locate it.

    Depending on how you send your survey links out, I may have an alternate suggestion.  Maybe you can do some custom scripting with the function sgapiStr_Replace(%%search,%%replace,%%subject).  The link could be something like, www.surveygizmoexamplesurveyurl.com/123345?fn=J123o123e$ln=D123o123n123u123t123s and use the string replace function to replace 123 with NULL.  


    Mary Panos Loy answered


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