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I have a multi-page quiz with some skip logic and hiding of some actions from users.  I’d like for the score for each page to appear right after the questions.  But, since the page scoring event has to be fired on a subsequent page, I’m trying to add a separate page that just contains the scoring action, then hide it from the user.  If I use sg-hide for the page itself, a blank page is displayed to the user.  If I just hide the action, the user still sees the empty page.  Is there a way to do this?


Also, how can I customize the appearance of the PDF results file?

azruss386453 asked

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    You should be able to use the Auto Submit option to hide the page in the way that you want:


    I don’t believe there are any options for customizing the appearance of the PDF.

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Hi Kathy,

      Looks like you’ve found an odd situation when using Auto-Submit and Skip Logic.  We’re going to look into how this is intended to work in SurveyGizmo and report back.  Please check your email for correspondence with us.

      Topper Shull answered

        I appreciate the suggestion about the auto-submit option. I have a similar problem: I have a survey page that contains only a hidden value action, followed by a skip/disqualify action. I’ve enabled the auto-submit option on the page, but it is only hiding the page if the skip/disqualify logic passes. If the skip/disqualify logic fails, then the blank survey page appears. 

        This doesn’t really make sense to me because — at least from what I can see as a user — the page containing the hidden value action should be submitted before the skip/disqualify logic is tested. But alas, that’s what it’s doing. 

        I’d appreciate any suggestions.

        Kathy Kaufman25252 answered


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