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I’m creating a survey for beer analysis, and want to create a hidden value for the batch number and packaging date of the beer. It will be the same for every person who responds to the survey (but I don’t want them to be able to see it).

I tried creating a hidden value, and putting the batch number in the “populate with the following” line, but it is not showing up in the CVS export.

EG. I named the hidden value ‘packaging date’, and the tittle ‘packaging date’ shows up in the excel file header, but not the actual value I entered. 

Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    From what you have described, it does seem like you are taking the right approach. Without having access to your survey, it’s a bit tricky to say what might be causing the issue.

    You might consider email SurveyGizmo support: support@sgizmo.com (they’ll be able to take a look at your survey and troubleshoot if needed).

    Also, just in case you haven’t taken a look, here is the documentation (in case it helps point out what the issue might be):


    Lola Gill answered


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