[Solved] Hidden value to post in report tally score group



I have created a survey and added a new page with a tally score on it. I have populated the question score values and when I test the survey, I am able to see the responses.   I added a hidden value action on a separate new page right under the tally score action.

I want to post the tally category message to a report.

In the hidden value, I have added the merge field: [question(“quiz message”), id=”381″]

I created a custom report and added the hidden value to an appendix. 

I can not get the message to show in the reports.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I need to release the survey this evening. 

Thanks in advance!

Ann Brown asked

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    Hi Ann,

    Try using the following merge code instead:

    [question(“quiz tally result”), id=”381″]


    This document will help to explain why the merge code  you were using won’t work:



    Hope this works for you!





    Cliff McGrupp answered


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