[Solved] hidden question with piped and unpiped answers


I have a radiobutton/checkbox question, followed by a piped question. I need to put together these 2 questions, so that lateron in the survey I can use another pipe (e.g. if answer is selected at any of the 2 initial questions). How can I do that?

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Zoe Pascale310783 asked

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    Hi Zoe! Taking the answers from two questions and putting them in one, so you can pipe from it, is not something built-in to SurveyGizmo, I’m sorry to say. Not impossible, though!

    Ideal but more advanced

    The most robust solution I’ve seen involves a fairly advanced feature called Custom Scripting. Using the provided custom scripting functions, it is possible to “fetch” the answers that were selected in your initial questions, and then to “populate” a hidden question with those combined answers. Our Custom Scripting help site even has a working example of this you could use as a starting point:


    A simpler trade-off

    If Custom Scripting is nothing but Greek to you, you may also be able to approximate the same behavior using answer option show logic. This is logic that you can apply to a specific answer option, so the answer option is only displayed “if …”. To use this solution will require that the questions you are basing the logic off of are not piped, however. (Perhaps that piping could be replaced with answer option logic in the same way?). You can find more details for setting this up in this helpful tutorial:


    I hope this information helps you!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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