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When matching fields to a newly uploaded list of contacts for an email campaign, I accidentally tagged my last names column as First Name. Unfortunately, the mailing went out that way:  Dear Jones, etc.

Before I have to send a reminder for this message, is there any way to call up the list and change the tagging so that my emails read: Dear Mary.  Or do I have to start all over again?



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    Hi Martha! I’m sorry to hear about the situation you’ve ended up in, and would be happy to help provide an answer.

    For clarity, I’ll be using SurveyGizmo jargon to reference specific features, such as “Contact Data”:


    And “merge codes”, which is how you would normally use Contact Data:


    Merge Codes

    The most important thing to know about merge codes is that they are only evaluated once. So, if someone has started your survey and already loaded a page with [contact(“first name”)] used somewhere (such as in a question title), that merge code has now been swapped with whatever was in the first name field of their Contact Data at that time. No matter what changes you make now, there’s no way to change that for that specific response. You would have to start over with a new email campaign (new unique links), and have them submit a brand new response to be able to pull in different information.

    If someone has *not* started your survey, then changing their Contact Data would change what they see, because the merge code has not yet been evaluated for that respondent.

    Updating Contact Data

    This can be done, but sadly it can only be done on an individual/one at a time basis. To do this, go to the Share tab in your survey and locate your email campaign in the “Source Tracking” list, and click on its name. Next go to the Contacts section, and click on a contact. An edit panel will open that allows you to update the Contact Data for that contact.

    Simplest scenario

    If you are only making use of this Contact Data inside your Email Campaign itself (and not referencing it from your survey), and you do have the first name included in your Contact Data (perhaps under the “Last name” field?), you could simply change which merge code you use in your email. If you did have first names stored in the last name field, for example, just start using [contact(“last name”)] wherever you’d like their first name to show up.

    I hope this information helps you, and please feel free to comment with more specifics of your situation (or create a new question) if you’d like a more specific answer 🙂

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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