[Solved] How can I get the heights of the Drag and Drop tool to match?


I’m trying to get the height of both drag column and drop column, to match. There seems to be a script that’s adding an inline height style to the ul element of both columns, and I’m not sure where that number is coming from… Any help is apperciated.

<ul style=”height: 8703px;” class=”sg-list sg-list-vertical ui-sortable” id=”sgE-2703461-1-5-origin”>

I manually adjusted the heights to auto via CSS, which works great for the listbox column but leaves the target column very small, since there is no content within it on load. Thus, as the user scrolls down the page to view the drag options, there’s no way to drag over items to the target column since it has a minimal height.

Hope this makes sense. Just want the heights to match, but don’t want to have to manually put in a precise height number, for responsive purposes.

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    I played around with this a bit in my account and this CSS code seems to do the trick (assuming you don’t have other code in your theme that would override it):

    height: 500px;

    Hope that helps!

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